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Resources for a Healthy Pregnancy, Birth & Baby

Outstanding resources for pregnancy and birth ICPA Public Website Pathways magazine Improving Science and Sensibility Gentle Birth Website Birthing from Within International Cesarean Awareness Network Suzanne Arms Birth International Homebirth Australia Empowered Childbirth The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services On-line Birth Center Coalition for Improving Maternity Services Association for Perinatal Psychology and Health Lamaze  Coalition for Improving Maternity Services Virtual Birth Center

Resources, valuable information and directories to find practitioners Find a doctor of chiropractic who cares for pregnant mothers and infants.  Holistic Pediatric Association: Find a doctor, midwife, doula Birth Partners: international listings Midwives Alliance of North America Maternity Coalition Zealand Homebirth Association  Find a U.S.Nurse Midwife American Association of Birth Centers

Find Birth Educators, Doulas and Hypnobirthing Assistants: Birth Works   Doulas of North America.   International Childbirth Education Association  International Birth and Wellness Project Lamaze Bradley Birth The Mongan Method The Mongan Method in the UK

Self Help Sites for Expectant Moms:

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Baby Positioning:

Acupressure Points for Pregnancy and Labor:

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Drugs In Labor:

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Water Births:

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