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Children's Infant Toggle Head Piece

Children's Chiropractic Drop Headpiece

Children's Infant Toggle Head Piece $219 Plus Shipping

This handcrafted, custom designed pediatric headpiece provides specific, light force care for the infant and child. A must have for the gentle care children need.

The Infant Toggle Headpiece is made and assembled in the USA. Every headpiece comes with a lifetime parts warranty which covers the strap attachment and internal mechanical parts. Please let us know if you have a problem with your headpiece and we will send you a new part asap.


Choose NavyChildren's Infant Toggle Head Piece, BlueChildren's Infant Toggle Head Piece or BlackChildren's Infant Toggle Head Piece vinyl.

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Childrens Adjusting Toggle Drop Headpiece

Replacement Headpiece Straps

$10 Plus Shipping

Replace your lost or damaged headpiece strap.


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Mom to Mom

A patient referral CD handout that empowers moms in your practice and community to choose chiropractic care for their families and gives them the tools to tell others. Excellent for the moms first visit in your practice and also as a handout for midwifery offices, breastfeeding groups, etc.



Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy Pamphlets

The only pregnancy pamphlet that goes beyond back pain and addresses function in pregnancy and birth.

"More and more mothers are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. They appreciate the chiropractor's respect for the body's natural design and function."

"Supportive care providers, regained trust in the body and the whole health benefits of chiropractic are being recognized as vital ingredients to a healthier pregnancy and an overall easier birth."

Pregnancy Matters

$39 DVD Plus Shipping

$29 Digital Download

For your reception area: a comprehensive patient education DVD covering the importance of chiropractic care in pregnancy for safer, easier births. Educate all of your practice members on the importance of chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. Plays on a continuous loop.

Also available for Download.


A Digital Download

Power On!


A children's upbeat, fun song about Chiropractic. Used at school programs, community events and in office classes to educate children about the importance of chiropractic. Serves as a great first visit or birthday gift for the children in your office.

A Digital Download

Power On! A Children's Educational Program

$249 Plus Shipping. Currently Out of Stock

This interactive easy to implement Children's Educational Program is a hit with the kids! The manual of resources and tools includes everything you need to give a successful, interactive presentation in your office, at the schools or at other childrens' facilities. This 45 minute presentation is geared towards elementary levels up to 6th grade and can be simplified or added to accordingly. This package includes: Teaching materials and handouts, a video of Dr. Jeanne Ohm teaching the class, 24 copies of the Power On! audio CD, the animated Power On! DVD as well as a complete PowerPoint presentation and instructions for your use in the classroom.

Birth Trauma: A Modern Epidemic

$99 DVD Plus Shipping

$59 Digital Download

The patient education DVD that says it all!! This 12 minute footage shows the stresses induced by modern, typical births. Includes several "natural" vaginal births and a c-section clearly demonstration the detrimental effects it has on the infant's spine and the need for chiropractic care. It also includes footage of pregnant women and children getting checked. Guaranteed to make an impact regarding necessity of chiropractic care for children. The DVD comes with a fully referenced booklet and "A Look at the Birth Process" PDF. The PDF includes a collection of handouts, articles, resources and case histories with five full color photos of the birth process. All documents are transferable to your own letterhead for distribution and use.

Also available for Download.


A Digital Download