Chiropractic in Pregnancy
Jeanne Ohm, DC

Pregnant women are in need of our care. Routine prenatal procedures are not providing women with the confidence and ability to have safe and natural births. The rate of dystocia (difficult labor) has increased significantly along with numerous interventions, including c-sections.

With almost 25 years of working with pregnant women, I have realized there are three primary causes of dystocia: Physiological/ biomechanical, emotional and medical/ technological. Doctors of Chiropractic have the means to address all three aspects of dystocia, offering a unique service to pregnant women.

Physiologically,  the chiropractic adjustment (specifically sacral adjustments) offers improved nerve and muscle function, restores a state of balance and alignment in the woman’s pelvis and may allow for optimal baby positioning in preparation for birth.  Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy may allow the woman’s body to experience birth with less invasive intervention.

Emotionally, women have become fearful of birth and no longer trust that they can give birth naturally. An understanding of the chiropractic philosophy restores a sense of confidence in the mother—a vital yet often neglected aspect for a safer, easier birth. Also, working with the parasympathetic nervous system may help mothers get out of the "fight/ flight" mode.

As for the medical/ technological causes of dystocia, chiropractors are aware of the many unnecessary, yet routine, interventions in pregnancy and birth and can offer women educational resources and a network of supportive birth care providers in their communities who honor and respect the natural process of birth.

Women are actively seeking providers whose services support the natural process of birth. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy is one such service, offering pregnant women physiological and emotional support, potentially leading to easier, safer more natural deliveries.

Many doctors of chiropractic are taking post graduate classes that offer specific techniques and skills to care for pregnant women more effectively. They understand the importance of restoring the sanctity of natural birthing. These chiropractors now recognize the vital role chiropractic provides in achieving this objective. Reaching out to pregnant women in our communities will restore natural, easier, safer births for mothers and their babies.

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